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Coba ruins by bike and cenote swim

Coba ruins by bike and cenote swim

50$USD / deposit per person
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Price: $2300 MXN or $115 USD

Experience a complete Mayan adventure!

Explore this magnificent city hidden in the Mayan jungle, ride your way to see the highest pyramid in the Yucatán Peninsula. Discover the stunning world that lies underground swimming in the crystal clear water of a cenote. Take This COBA RUINS Tour and Share the magic of a real Mayan family that will show you some of their secrets and will make you feel like part of them.


Can you still climb the Coba ruins?
Situated just two hours outside of Cancun, Mexico, is Coba, one of the most prominent ancient Mayan sites in the Yucatan Peninsula. … If you are looking for Mayan ruins you can climb you’re in luck, you can still climb Coba Ruins.

How long is the walk to Coba ruins?
How Much Time Is Needed to Visit the Coba Ruins? The ruins can be seen comfortably in about two hours if you rent a bicycle (50 MXN). If you plan to walk, budget for an extra hour to get around the site.

Is Coba worth visiting?
The Coba Ruins are by no means the most famous or most popular ruins on the Yucatan, but they are the most awesome to explore, especially the site called Nohoch Mul, the great pyramid. A visit to the Coba Ruins is a lesson in history, an incredible demonstration in nature, and an intense workout.

What’s Included

Transportation shop-Ruins- Cenote- Mayan village- shop

Multi-language guide

Snacks and Drinks


Bike rental inside Coba

Ruins and cenote Fees

Mayan village

  • Destination
  • Departure Time
    8:30 am
  • Return Time
    3:00 pm

Tour Plan


Once we have received your deposit within 24 hours we will send you a confirmation email with suggested items to bring on the tour.
  • 08:30 am — Reception at the shop to try on equipment.
  • 09:30 am — Explore Coba.
  • 12:00 am — Cenote time.
  • 13:00 pm — Visit to Mayan village.
  • 15:30 pm — Return to the shop.
*Return time is subject to customers needs
  • Be at least 8 years old.
  • Reasonably fit.
  • Fill out our Medical Questionnaire.
  • How far is Coba from the shop?
    • About 40 minutes drive from Tulum Downtown.
  • Is the cenote inside Coba?
    • No, the cenote is about 10 minutes drive from Coba.
  • What about the Mayan village?
    • The Mayan village is about 5 minutes drive from the cenote.
  • How big are the groups?
    • We take a maximum of 6 people per guide to enhance your experience.
  • What should I bring?
    • Comfortable shoes and flip-flops, towel, water container, mosquito repellent and swimsuit.
  • Will I need extra money?
    • Only if you would like to buy souvenirs in Coba or any products that the Mayan family produces.