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TDI Sidemount & Cavern

TDI Sidemount & Cavern

150$USD / per person
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Combo: Sidemount & Cavern

Price: $20,500 MXN or $1,250 USD


This Combo combines Sidemount and Cavern TDI courses needed to start your technical and Cave journey.

The TDI Cavern Course is designed for anyone who is seeking an adventure and wishing to explore overhead environments. This course can be taught in conjunction with the Sidemount Course or Intro to Tech Course or even on a single tank. This course is the start of the Full Cave course and provides you with skills for proper planning, procedures, techniques and hazards of cavern diving.

The TDI  Intro to Cave courses will provide you with an introduction to the basic principles of cave diving utilizing a single primary guide line. It builds on everything learnt during the TDI Cavern Course; the course does not train divers for all facets of cave diving. It primarily focuses on the perfection of skills and additional techniques and procedures required for elementary cave dives.

Any extra days of training will be charged at $250usd per day.

**All Courses include entrance fees**

*For a full set of cave equipment, please add $ 25 USD per day*