Invasive Lionfish Tracker

Invasive Lionfish Tracker

Price: $4000 mxn

Why take the PADI Lionfish Awareness specialty?

Lionfish Introduction: The course provides an overview of the lionfish species, their characteristics, and their introduction to non-native habitats. You will learn about the ecological impact of lionfish on coral reefs and other marine environments.

Lionfish Identification: You will learn how to identify lionfish species, including their unique physical features and color patterns. Proper identification is important to differentiate lionfish from native species.

Lionfish Behavior: The course covers the behavior and feeding habits of lionfish. You will learn about their hunting techniques, territorial behavior, and reproductive patterns. Understanding their behavior helps in developing effective eradication strategies.

Lionfish Impact and Control: You will gain knowledge about the negative impact of lionfish on native reef ecosystems and the importance of controlling their population. The course explores various control methods and strategies, including lionfish hunting and removal techniques.

Lionfish Hunting and Collection: The course provides training on safe and responsible lionfish hunting techniques. You will learn how to use specialized tools, such as lionfish-specific spears or nets, to capture and collect lionfish. Emphasis is placed on minimizing damage to the surrounding environment and ensuring diver safety.

Reporting and Data Collection: The course highlights the importance of reporting lionfish sightings and collected data to relevant organizations and authorities. You will learn how to contribute to citizen science efforts and assist in ongoing research and monitoring of lionfish populations.

By taking the PADI Lionfish Invasive tracked specialty course, you will become more knowledgeable about the lionfish species and their impact on marine ecosystems. You will also gain the skills and techniques necessary to participate in lionfish eradication efforts and contribute to the protection of native marine biodiversity.


What’s included

Transport from dive shop to dive site

All entrance fees to each dive site

Equipment rental

Delicious lunch