Reef Diving

Dive the 2nd largest reef in the world

Now that you have your certification you are ready for some more fun underwater. Here at Infinity2Diving we offer a range of reef diving activities throughout the Riviera Maya. We offer trips to Cozumel Reef, Tulum Reef and Playa Del Carmen reef.

What’s included

Transport from dive shop to dive site

All entrance fees to each dive site

Equipment rental

Delicious lunch


Certified diver? Pick one of our trips in the Rivera Maya

Experience the awe-inspiring adventure of diving with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen, an unparalleled opportunity that will leave an indelible mark on your life.
Discover the Mesoamerican Reef and dive your way through the Caribbean waters over 3 days.
Have you not been diving within the last year? Jump back in, and check you skills and dive in Casa Cenote & Reef on the same day.
Tulum is home to a diverse range of reef formations, including walls, canyons, and swim-throughs. Dive sites in Tulum offer a mix of shallow and deeper dives, making it suitable for divers of various experience levels. You can expect to see an array of marine life, including tropical fish, eels, lobsters, and possibly nurse sharks.
Cozumel is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life. We organize trips to various dive sites around Cozumel, where you can encounter colorful coral formations, schools of tropical fish, and possibly even larger marine species such as sea turtles, rays, and sharks. The currents in Cozumel can be strong, so it is recommended for more experienced divers.
Playa del Carmen offers excellent reef diving opportunities just off its coast. The dive sites in this area are known for their impressive coral formations, diverse marine life, and sometimes encounters with larger pelagic species. Whether you prefer drift diving or exploring the reefs at a more leisurely pace, Playa del Carmen has something for everyone.