Cenote Diving

Cenote Diving in tulum

Diving in Tulum is most famous for Cenote diving! We arrange small groups, maximum of 4 people per guide and all of our tours are personalised. We let you choose what Cenotes you dive in, depending on your certification level! Experience the Mayan underwater world, dive through fascinating tunnels, see formations 1000s of years old and have fun!

Cenotes to choose from

All tours include

Transport from dive shop to dive site

All entrance fees to each dive site

Equipment rental

Delicious lunch


Choose from our unique cenote scuba tours in mexico:

Have not been diving in some time? No problem take your refresher course in the amazing Casa Cenote and then visit another cavern in the afternoon.
Whether you’re short on time or simply want to experience the magic of a cenote dive, we’ve got you covered.
Experience the ultimate adventure in Tulum with our lifetime experience of visiting three different Cenotes in just one day! Discover the hidden gems of the Riviera Maya as you explore these stunning natural wonders with us.
Embark on a dive adventure in two Cenotes, renowned for its intricate underwater cave systems and vibrant cenote life. These cenotes offer an excellent opportunity to capture stunning photos.
Experience the beauty of Dreamgate cenote with upstream and downstream dives. Immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters and highly decorated chambers.
Float through the stunning tunnels of Chikin Ha, whilst seeing the sunlight rays dance through the clear waters.
The most famous Cenote dive is in the Riviera Maya. Gorgeous crystal clear water and beautiful formations. Tunnels and caverns formed throughout the years.
Jump into Casa Cenote and sense the nature around you. Head to Dos ojos and dive through unique formations along the darkened passages with fascinating lights.
Dive into two different Cenotes. At Casa Cenote you will step into a world of energetic life. At Carwash you will enter a garden, full of life and vibrant colours of blue and green, whilst experiencing formations and the cavern.
Experience spiritual light blazing through crystal waters at the Pit Cenote.Then discover the formations standing gracefully along the passageways of Dos Ojos Cenote barbie line and bat cave line.
Embark on two captivating dives at Angelita cenote and Casa cenote. Descend into the mesmerizing depths of Angelita cenote followed by swimming through the mangroves of Casa Cenote.
These Cenotes offer a vibrant underwater ecosystem, swimming through this surreal environment is an experience like no other, as you explore the submerged trees and marvel at the mystical atmosphere.
Dive deep into the Pit Cenote and pass through the halocline as it glimmers on the limestone. See the blue waters and sun light dance shows at Dos Ojos Cenote.