PADI Advanced Mermaid Course

PADI Advanced Mermaid Course

Price: $6000 mxn

The PADI Advanced Mermaid™ course is designed to build upon the knowledge and skills acquired in the PADI Mermaid™ course, with a focus on applying those skills in the open water environment. 


Here are the key details about this advanced mermaid course.

Course Progression: The Advanced Mermaid™ course is the next step after earning the PADI Mermaid™ certification. It takes the foundational knowledge and skills learned in the basic course and applies them to the open water setting.

Open Water Environment: Participants in the advanced course will gain an understanding of how the open water environment differs from pool or confined water settings. Open water environments are typically larger, deeper, and subject to more variable conditions, so learning how to navigate and perform mermaid techniques in such conditions is a key focus.

Open Water Mermaiding Techniques: The course will introduce open water mermaiding techniques, which may include techniques for dealing with currents, waves, and other environmental factors specific to open water mermaiding.

Aquatic Life Awareness: Participants will also learn about aquatic life, including what to expect in terms of marine life encounters, how marine life can affect the mermaid experience, and how to avoid harm to oneself and the environment while mermaiding in open water.

Overall, the PADI Advanced Mermaid™ course is designed to take mermaid enthusiasts to the next level of their mermaiding journey by equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to safely and confidently explore open water environments. It provides a more comprehensive and challenging experience compared to the basic course, allowing mermaids to expand their horizons in this unique underwater art form.

What’s included

Transport from dive shop to dive site

All entrance fees to each dive site

PADI Mermaid Course

Equipment rental

PADI E-Learning

Delicious lunch