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  /  2 Dives Casa and Dos Ojos Cenote

2 Dives Casa and Dos Ojos Cenote

1000$MXN / deposit per person
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2 Dives Casa and Dos Ojos Cenote

Price: $3700 MXN


Schedule: 6 hours

Pre-requisites: Open Water

Jump into Casa Cenote and sense the nature around you. Head to Dos ojos and dive through unique formations along the darkened passages with fascinating lights.

  • Be at least PADI Open Water certification or equivalent.
  • At least 15 years old
  • Medically fit to dive
  • Been diving within the last year. If you haven’t, just let us know.
  • Do I need a special certification?
    • No, as you will always be within a daylight zone, you will always be very close to a quick exit.
  • Is it possible to add days to this package?
    • Sure! We could add extra days of cenote diving or reef diving.
  • What happens if it rains?
    • Don’t worry, cenotes will still be spectacular!
  • How many divers does each group have?
    • We take a maximum of 4 divers per guide.
  • Do we need an underwater light?
    • Yes, we will provide you with an underwater light and your guide will have a brighter one and some back ups too.
  • Are the cenotes very dark or tight?
    • No, cenote diving is not as spooky as some people think. There’s always natural daylight and the smallest space in most cenotes is big enough to fit a car through it.