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Discovery Scuba Diving (Cenote and Reef Dive)

1000$MXN / deposit per person
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Discover Scuba Diving Program Reef of Tulum

Price: $3500 MXN

Find out what is below the surface today!  The PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program will allow you to try Scuba Diving for the first time and see if you like it. This program is not a certification, but an easy introduction to the underwater world. With this package, you will get to experience both of the amazing underwater systems that we have to offer in Tulum. Diving into a Cenote and on the 2nd largest reef in the world. Jump right in!


What will you learn?

Theory: You will learn the basics of equipment and diving in the classroom.

Confined Water: Then you will head to the swimming pool to practice some skills

Open Water Dive 1: After the skills, you will head on a beautiful dive full of life around the Cenote.

Open Water Dive 2: Head out on the boat to complete a dive on the second largest reef in the world!

Jump in and dive a Cenote and
Scuba Diving Program Reef of Tulum
Start this Adventure now!


Equipment rental

Multi-language instruction

PADI Participant Guide

Lunch, Snacks and Drinks


Boat and Cenote Fees

  • Destination
  • Departure
  • Departure Time
    8:30 am
  • Return Time
    3:00 pm

Tour Plan


Day 1

08:30am — Orientation to course

09:30am - Confined Water

11:00am - Open Water Dive in a Cenote (max depth 6m)

01:30pm - Open Water Dive on the Reef (max depth 10m)

04:00pm - Return to Dive Shop

  • Be at least 10 years old.
  • Fill up our PADI Medical Questionnaire.  This form is to find out if you should be examined by your doctor before participating in recreational diver training. If any of the items in the Medical Questionnaire apply to you, you must consult a physician prior to participating in scuba diving.
  • Do I need previous experience?
    • No, experience is no needed for this adventure
  • How big are the groups?
    • We take a maximum of 4 students per instructor
  • How deep will we go?
    • The cenote has a depth of 6 meters / 18 ft and the reef a maximum of 11 meters / 35 ft
  • What can I see?
    • You will enjoy two very different environments, in the cenote with mainly fresh water you will see amazing light effects, a big diversity of fish and plants, and a very unique effect called "halocline" which is the mix of fresh and saltwater. As for the reef, you will enjoy a large amount of soft coral and lots of colourful fish that will completely change your perception of the world and give a glimpse to the underwater wonders!
  • How long is the dive?
    • The time underwater depends on how much you breath but normally around 45 minutes
  • How far are the sites from the shop?
    • The Cenote is about 10 minutes away by car and the reef is only a 5 minute boat ride away from the shore.